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Mens et Numen

By lauragibbs on Sun 21 of Feb., 2010 20:26 PST
I can tell it is going to be hard to find my Latin motto... because there are so many things I would like to say!

Today I did the Noun Mottoes exercise (external link). Here are some of the mottoes that I made up for myself. I like them all, so it was hard to choose my favorite, but in the end I picked this one as the best of the ones I made tonight: Mens et Numen.

I picked this one because, in addition to the deep meaning of these two words, it had a nice and unusual sound quality, with the "men" sound at the beginning and at the end.

The word mens in Latin means mind, and it is also connected with the idea of memory; the verb memini means "I remember." It's also the root for a really fascinating word which I will not even try to translate into English: comminiscor - you can read about this word at Glossa (external link).

Numen, meanwhile, wow, I don't even know where to begin. It is a word that expresses that sense of a greater divine power in the world, but without confining that to a named being. Take a look at Glossa (external link) for more about this fascinating word!

So when those two words are put together - Mens et Numen - I guess I am trying to express something about the power of our own minds as we perceive the world, but acknowledging another force there, too, something like the light that makes vision possible, this would be the numinous thought that makes our own thinking possible.

Meanwhile, here are the other possibilities I considered:

Labor et Pax
Honor et Labor
Artes et Spes
Libertas et Labor
Anima et Artes
Cor, Mens, Anima
Mens et Spes
Mens et Manus
Mens et Numen
Ars et Fortuna
Labores et Fortuna
Fata et Fortuna